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We have a number of collections on display at all times.
Where possible we update them and arrange them to reflect current events.

All of our collections feature items that directly relate to West Kilbride or are period items donated that are representative of the lives of those in West Kilbride.

We have several collections which are not on display, including an array of photographs and maps of West Kilbride and the surrounding area, which are available to browse on request.

On top of this we have a number of items which are not on display - so if you are interested in a specific topic please get in touch and we'll see how we can help.

Sports Trophies & Memorabilia


We have a large collection of photographs and printed materials of West Kilbride and the surrounding area througout the years, you can see more of these in our West Kilbride Past selection.

Dolls, Toys and fun things

Birds Eggs

A historical collection of bird's eggs, nests and butterflies that are kept of display to show the range of wildlife that could be found it the surrounding area, and beyond.


We have a large range of historical maps available to browse, showing the growth of West Kilbride over the centuries, as well as maps of the surrounding area.

Farm & Craft Implements

To illustrate West Kilbride's

World War I

A collection of items beloning to Alex Gemill, a local man who served as an officer during World War I. The wide range of items vary from uniforms and medals to trench maps and formal orders. All relating to one man's experience they provide a unique view of the great war.

The Prentice Collection

A collection of medals and the accompanying documents awarded to a local lady who served the Qheen for 30 years as her dresser, and accompanied her on many state tours.

Hunterston Power Station

We have a collection of items regarding the development of Hunterston Power Station, including visitor books signed by dignatories from across the world who came to the opening, and to viist it throughout it's operation.

West Kilbride Museum

1st Floor
West Kilbride Village Hall
1 Arthur Street
West Kilbride
North Ayrshire
KA23 9EN
United Kingdom


Please note access is only by stairs.

Opening Times

10:30am – 12:30pm
2:00pm – 4:00pm

Closed on Public Holidays

Admission Free
Donations Welcome!